Ground Investigation and Foundation Reports

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Regardless of whether you need a foundation recommendation, a borehole for geothermal heat supply or your excavation needs ‘drying out’: with us you have an experienced partner for all of these tasks and more. Our company has experience of both small and large building projects. The many construction projects we have participated in throughout Europe provide ample evidence of this. Take a moment to study our list of references!

Ground Investigation


The ground represents the proverbial foundation for any construction project. The ground investigation and reporting therefore belong in the hands of an expert.

Boreholes and trial pits provide a variety of information on the subsurface conditions. They allow the collection of samples, which in turn represent an important medium for identifying soil parameters.

Dynamic penetration tests and electrical CPTs can provide information on the relative strength characteristics of the subsurface. However, their interpretation only makes sense when correlated with soil exposures. We perform for you:

We offer:

  • Exploration boreholes
  • Dynamic penetration tests
  • Electrical cone penetration tests
  • Trial pits
  • Soil mechanics tests in the field and the laboratory

Ground Investigation Reports

Porada Ground Investigation Reports

Foundation Recommendation
The ground investigation, laboratory and field tests are necessary for determining foundation-relevant soil mechanics parameters.

Compilation of a relevant ground investigation report and an economical and safe foundation recommendation also requires the engineer to have wide-ranging experience in geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical and structural matters.

We compile your ground and foundation report.

  • Description of subsurface conditions, and geotechnical and soil mechanics assessment of strata
  • Description of hydrological conditions and their impact and the proposed construction project
  • Information on soil parameters for geotechnical analyses
  • Classification of encountered strata to DIN 18196, 18300 and classification of frost resistance
  • Discussion of foundation options giving the allowable soil pressure or pile load.
  • Formulation of the special foundation procedure
  • Notes on execution of the excavation and any excavation stabilisation and water management
  • Information on slopes and any stabilisation that may be necessary
  • Representation of the investigation results from boreholes, probes, field and laboratory tests Water management measures
  • Information on possible impacts on neighbouring buildings

Geotechnical engineering

Porada Geotechnical engineering

In cooperation with the client and the structural engineer we compile geotechnical analyses in terms of bearing capacity, settlement, earth pressure, general and slope failure, design of anchored and non-anchored retaining walls and groundwater lowering.

  • Design, planning and monitoring of geotechnical works
  • Acceptance of excavation bases
  • Compaction tests
  • Expert reporting for building damage cases
  • Conservation of evidence procedures

Investigation of Contaminated Sites

Porada Contaminated Sites

In the field of environmental technology we provide all services from ground investigation to remediation monitoring. This means:

That means:

  • Historical research of suspected contaminated sites
  • Compilation of an investigation model (based on existing environmental legislation and regulations and in cooperation with the relevant technical agencies)
  • Extraction and analysis of soil and water samples
  • Risk assessments based on the results, taking the geology, hydrogeology and use of the property into consideration
  • Development of suitable stabilisation, remediation and disposal concepts


Porada Hydrogeologie

Thanks to our wide-ranging knowledge and experience of hydrogeological projects, water and hydrology are no strangers to us:

  • in terms of ground investigation and foundations
  • when determining permeabilities based on pumping and infiltration tests
  • when determining the chemical characteristics of water samples
  • when compiling water resources management reports for well installations
  • for groundwater lowering, water catchments and re-infiltration.

Exploration boreholes and Dry drilling

Exploration boreholes and Dry drilling

Exploration boreholes and Dry drilling
Our company has many years of experience in well installation, geothermal boreholes and all manner of ground exposures. The drilling work is organised, structured and monitored by a technical consultancy for engineering geology and hydrogeology, so that certification of the executed works is fully guaranteed.

Whether a well is intended for water supplies or geothermal use, or an exploration borehole is needed, we execute well-drilling works for private groundwater use with respect to geothermal purposes or even simply for watering the garden. We also provide ground investigation exposures in the form of dry drilling, including soil sampling in quality classes 1-4. We can also carry out drilling for the installation of shallow ground loops. When dimensioning individual boreholes or well galleries, we are supported by an experienced consultancy.

We make it possible:

  • Exploration boreholes
  • Dry drilling
  • Percussion coring
  • Flush boring
  • Well boring
  • Geothermal boring
  • Boring down to 100 m without special license; with special license, to max. 150 m (mining agency)
  • In-house loop manufacture
  • Loop installation
  • Loop installation testing
  • Connection to brine circuit manifold
  • Filling system with brine
  • Supply and connection of heat pump to central heating transfer point
  • We analyse and plan your heat requirement individually
  • The necessary drilling approval applications are made by us at no extra cost

All works are performed in accordance with VDI 4640 guidelines.

Exploration of natural resource deposits

Exploration of natural resource deposits

In the course of ground investigations, exploration and licensing procedures, e.g. for sand-gravel deposits, we prepare, or conduct, for you:

  • Mineralogical-petrographic investigation of the resource
  • Expert report on geology, hydrogeology and deposits
  • Identification of resource reserves and a resource assessment
  • EIS, EIA
  • Official licensing procedures
  • Plan of operations as required by mining legislation (BBergG)

Geothermal Energy

The subsurface can be used as a heat source, cold source and for thermal energy storage. Due to the large volume available and the uniform temperatures, it is highly suited to many low-temperature applications. Environmental and ground-source heat from the subsurface are utilised by means of horizontal or vertical ground loops or by pumping groundwater, and used for heating (generally via heat pumps). Besides heating, this kind of heat pump installation can also be used for space cooling. In some installations, cooling is performed directly from the subsurface during the summer without using heat pumps

We facilitate:

  • Compilation of energy concepts
  • Ground-source heat licensing procedures
  • Investigations for geothermal utilisation of the subsurface
  • Examination and calibration of energy data in terms of structure - heating technology - ground
  • Design of ground-source heat pumps, heating and cooling systems
  • Thermal and mineral water development
  • Geothermal energy extraction
  • Economic analyses for hydrothermal sites
  • Identification of thermal material parameters

Offshore Foundations

Porada Offshore Foundations

Offshore structures are subject to loads up to 15 times greater than onshore structures. The economic viability and lifetime of a given facility is thus even more dependent on the correctness of the foundation.

An appropriate risk minimisation in terms of hazards such as wind, currents, collisions or increased horizontal deflections can therefore only be achieved by means of expert opinions.

We make foundations for offshore projects possible!

  • Investigation of geophysical properties and subsurface soil parameters by means of electrical or seismic methods, gravity or magnetic field measurements, coring and CPT-E.
  • Evaluation of the collected data. Planning of any necessary additional investigations programmes in the case of heterogeneous soil mechanics parameters
  • Analysis of hydrodynamic forces acting on the structure using LAT/HAT
  • Discussion of optimum foundation models (monopile, tripod, gravity footing, etc) and compilation of ground-related recommendations.


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