Ground Investigation

Creation of Investigation Reports, Licenses and Foundation Recommendation

Longterm experience in drilling and exploration work

Deep Knowledge in the exploration of Contaminated Sites to the Foundation of Wind Energy Converters

We cover large areas of knowledge in terms of Geotechnical Engineering and site exploration


Services and Knowledge

The ground represents the proverbial foundation for any construction project. The ground investigation and reporting therefore belong in the hands of an expert.

Business Areas

Regardless of whether you need a foundation recommendation, a borehole for geothermal heat supply or your excavation needs ‘drying out’: with us you have an experienced partner for all of these tasks and more. Starting with the investigation of contaminated sites to foundations for wind energy converters, Porada GeoConsult covers a wide range of geotechnical engineering fields. We are specialized in ground investigation and recommendation and perform at an exceptional degree of quality. Our company has experience of both small and large building projects. The many construction projects we have participated in throughout Europe provide ample evidence of this.

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Ground Investigation / Site Analytics

The ground represents the proverbial foundation for any construction project. The ground investigation and reporting therefore belong in the hands of an expert.

Ground Investigation Reports / Foundation Recommendation

The ground investigation, laboratory and field tests are necessary for determining foundation-relevant soil mechanics parameters.

Geotechnical engineering

In cooperation with the client and the structural engineer we compile geotechnical analyses and more...

Contaminated Sites

In the field of environmental technology we provide all services from ground investigation to remediation monitoring. This means:

Laboratory Work

Determination and analysis of grain size, grain structure, consitencies, densities, water content and more...

Exploration boreholes and Dry drilling

Wir besitzen eine langjährige Erfahrung in den Bereichen Brunnenbau, Geothermiebohrungen, und Baugrundaufschlüsse aller Art

Exploration of natural resource deposits

In the course of ground investigations, exploration and licensing procedures, e.g. for sand-gravel deposits, we prepare, conduct, ...

Geothermal Energy

Untersuchung zur geothermischen Nutzung des Untergrundes, Erstellung von Energiekonzepten, Genehmigungsverfahren u.m.

Offshore Foundations

We make foundations for offshore projects possible with an appropriate risk minimization!

More services in our portfolio:

More than


years of experience

More than


successfull projects a year



locations with our recommandation reports for wind energy converters

But most of all


Realizing the foundation of your project.

Service und Leistungen

Our work begins with an expert recommendation on the extent of the investigations required and extends to technical monitoring of the foundation or remediation work.

The technical expertise and wide-ranging experience of our staff, and the emphasis we place on maintaining the requisite high standards of our technical equipment, allow us to execute the works we are contracted to perform to an exceptional degree of quality.

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Neben Energieerzeugern, Hoch- und Tiefbauunternehmen, Behörden und diversen Unternehmen arbeiten wir langjährig mit lokalen und nationalen Bauunternehmen zusammen.

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Die Erstellung eines zutreffenden und Baugrundgutachtens und einer wirtschaftlichen und sicheren Gründungsempfehlung bedarf darüber hinaus vielfältiger geologischer, hydrogeologischer, geo- und bautechnischer Erfahrungen des Baugrundgutachters. Hier sehen Sie beispielhafte Einblicke in jüngere Projekte.

Erkundung von Erdfällen

Luftaufnahmen einer Drohne in einem erdfallgefährdeten Bereich, um das Gelände hinsichtlich Depressionen/Anomalien zu kartieren. Ort: Stade-Riensförde

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