Ground Investigation and Foundation Reports by experts

Our services

Foundations on soft soils

Residential, office and business buildings

Structures on slopes

Conservation of evidence procedures

Remediation of foundation damage

Industrial complexes such as production sheds, silos

Engineering structures such as towers, stacks

Structures for hydraulic and sanitary engineering and sewage treatment works

Route studies for roads, railways and canals

Railway and road bridges

Retaining walls and retaining structures

Slope and embankment remediation

Dykes, flood and ponding embankments

Civil engineering for pipeline, water and wastewater construction

Household, industrial and special waste landfill

Investigation and risk assessment of soil and water contaminants

Industrial land desk studies

Landfill liner control investigations

Foundations for wind energy converters

Ground investigations

Exploration of natural resource deposits

Foundation processes

Offshore Foundations

We work for:

Companies and Institutions

Architects and planning offices

Structural and planning consultancies

Local authority building works offices

Property developers

Housing agencies


Landfill operators

River and canal authorities

Conductors of state geological surveys

Structural and civil engineering companies

mMnufacturers and operators of wind energy converters

Industrial enterprises,

Gravel quarrying companies

State agencies for environmental protection and water resources management

County and borough councils

Private builders

Specialist foundation engineering companies

Companies in the mineral oil industry


Water resources management agencies

Special-purpose associations for water, wastewater and landfill

Private builder